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Sour’d is a cottage bakery located in High Point, North Carolina. We make the following types of bread (all our bread is sourdough!)

Country Loaf
a basic sourdough loaf, a little on the rustic side, made with a mix of bread flour and sprouted whole wheat flour.

Overnight Country “Littles”
“overnight” refers to the longer fermentation period, when this bread dough goes into the fridge overnight and develops a deeper sourdough flavor and increased digestibility. made with malted bread flour and sprouted wheat flour, these are usually smaller free-form loaves baked straight on a sheet pan and allowed to rise as they please.

super crispy outside, super soft inside, these are best eaten within a day or two of purchasing (and are easy to gobble up quickly!) made with a little bit of active dry yeast and all purpose flour.

Whole Wheat
90% whole grain, this gets an extra nutritious punch and has that a beautiful deep brown color of good whole wheat bread.

Whole Wheat Cereal
with a whole wheat base, this bread also has a blend of nuts, oats, seeds, dates and raisins. it makes a great breakfast (or, honestly, anytime) loaf.

Whole Wheat Raisin and Coriander
with a whole wheat base, this bread has plenty of raisins and a hint of coriander too.

Rye with Caraway Seeds
sourdough and rye were seriously made for each other. this loaf makes beautiful, aromatic toast all week long.

Cinnamon Rolls
the sweetest bread, the best dessert, the perfect thing for brunch! this dough includes eggs, milk, and butter.


Please note that all our breads are handmade by one woman, and scoring is done by hand as well. Our designs are intentional, but no two are exactly the same.


From May-October, Saturdays, at the High Point Farmer’s Market located in the High Point Library parking lot, at 901 N. Main Steet; High Point, NC 27262.

Year-Round Pre-Orders and Subscriptions available, with pickup on Saturdays 10:00-11:00 at the High Point Library (time and place may be adjusted if this doesn’t work for you.)

**Monthly Subscriptions: $30/month

**Pre-Orders (with three days notice)

**Email: sourdbread@gmail.comĀ with questions or to place bulk orders (bulk orders may require up to two weeks notice.)




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